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Iframe Features for Test You

Conduct Test on Your Website :-

TestYou is the first who will provide this feature. Here you will get list of tests for your which will attempt by your student in your websites and they don’t redirect and they will not have to go to another website. You can only attempt the test that will provide by your test creator and you can view your result and other info.

Why Us?

TestYou is one of the best tools for E-learning and testing your skill and we are understand students, so we make this easier and easier but we don’t make any compromise with your test security. Now we are introducing a new feature that’s “Iframe” by which you or your students can give test without going to any-other website and they don’t have any problem with that.

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TestYou is now introducing its new feature “TestYou I-frame” which is simple and easy to use. Now TestYou provide you to use our I-frame document to use in your website to get attempt your test by students in your website. This is an HTML document and you have to implement within your website to use this feature.

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Pricing will be updated from 7 to 50 from April 1st